Christian parenting expert recommends spanking toddlers so they act excited to see you

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"But Jesus said “Suffer Little children and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Mathew 19:14


Speaking of Christian parenting, check this out.

Marge was getting grief for posting a photo of her kid with a dead dear, and assault weapon.

This is how she defended it. Check out the bold part, she raised him to kill for her.

It’s sad that so many people commented here in such hateful uneducated way.

We live in terrible times that so many people have such petty and materialistic views that they think posting up pictures of an animal some one hunted has to be a giant game, decked out in name brand hunting clothes, with the most expensive name brand rifle with the sole purpose to impress people on social media.

I posted this joyfully and said I’m proud of my son for many reasons.

Number one, he did exactly what I asked him to do. I told him a few weeks ago that I wanted him to kill me a deer so we could have the meat for Thanksgiving week and to freeze the rest.

I’m proud of him because he did exactly what I asked of him when he came home from college this weekend before he went off and did anything else for himself.

That’s what good kids do. They respect their parents.

Not only that he sent our whole family a beautiful picture of the sunrise this morning because he loves and appreciates God’s creation and when you go hunting you truly get to enjoy it.

I’m also proud of him bc he cleaned the deer, cut up the meat, and cleaned up after himself.

That’s also what good kids do and that’s what responsible people do.

So I will say it again I’m so proud of my son Derek!!

I am blessed by him and the food he has provided for our family this week :slight_smile:

A lot of these naive comments has also made me realize that so many people wouldn’t know how to survive if something really bad happened and they couldn’t go to the grocery store or order Uber Eats from their couch.

Hunting and Farming are literally basic national security for every country on Earth.

The skills and knowledge on how to hunt and farm should be taught to every generation just as they are taught how read.

We should not have a generation or two that don’t understand or appreciate basic life skills.

We must fix this because our future ability to survive may depend on it.


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