Christie declares Ramaswamy "a jackass" with "a women problem"

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I’m not sure how much better Christie is though…


is smartass Harvard mouth, because that’s what it is

That weak attempt at right-wing populist anti-intellectualism isn’t going to help Christie win over any MAGAts, any more than his accurate comments about the jackass who has a problem with women.


tin-foil-chapeau theory about gentleman Ramaswamy: he’s taking direct orders and talking points from orange mordor-land not for potential running mate status but for (russian/saudi/mercer) remuneration. (“y fn nutz! he’s rich!” perhaps, but is there a rich twit who isn’t wanting to be richer still?)


Pretty sure “has a women problem” is, and has been, one of the core planks of the Republican Party.


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I don’t like Christie, and I’m sure he has plenty of old-school macho baggage he carries around, but I’m thankful there’s at least someone on that stage willing to call out the bullshit. The reply he gave about Trump’s “I am your retribution” remark was completely on point, and if someone like Bernie or John Oliver had made the same speech nobody who votes GOP would give a shit, but maybe (maybe) coming from Christie it will register.

Hope springs eternal.


Think how bad you have to be for Chris Christie to legitimately point a finger at you…


I despise Chris Christie

But, damn… he has done more work for Democrats in the debates than our current presidency to call out the failings of Trumplicans and the MAGA crowd. I’m convinced Trump is going to be president again because D’s aren’t approaching this fight with the same sense of pugnacity. There’s zero sense of fight coming from the DNC, zero sense of “yeah we’re gonna come out on top”.

As a Democrat, I’ve been reduced to slightly almost kind of maybe sort of agreeing with Chris Christie on sooooooooome things - that’s a really gross feeling.


He is my law school’s most famous graduate. He has spoken there a couple of times since I’ve been a student. Somehow, I just haven’t been available to go hear him. Anyway, Seton Hall is certainly no Harvard, but it’s not exactly the law school version of the University of Phoenix, either.

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