Matt Taibbi on Chris Christie's "agonizing" memoir: "an epic literary self-own"


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Christie as a moral high grounder is really a reach, really.



With any mention of Chris Christie and until the end of time the image of him and his family enjoying a closed public beach while the public could not due to a governmental shutdown should immediately appear. Boil down Chris Christie and that is the attitude one should be left with. (with the George Washington bridge scandal as an alternative intermission)


So Trump pretended to be too busy to meet him, and fobbed him off, but he still went up to say goodbye? What a toad



"Trump, he writes, called after Election Day and said, “Are you willing to be chairman of the RNC?”


Jesus dude - show some self respect.


This is not a man with any self respect. Or, apparently, a mirror.


He can always get an advertising gig.



Think of all the room for sponsors!


Just had a thought, maybe both Dunning AND Kruger are actually inside a Chris Christie shaped fat man suit and they take turns in the upper half of the suit. It would explain a great deal imho.


He looks like an egg on legs. Jesus, I´m overweight myself, but at least I avoid clothes that emphasize it.
Anyhow, he is basically throwing himself a pity party with that book? Fuck him, I´m not even American but I read enough about him to know what a spineless, corrupt and incompetent waste of space and taxmoney he is, and if he tries to get to bed with a life long criminal like OB for more money, power, fame (???), he deserves to get fucked over to hell and back.


Lance Hunt is in for some serious competition!



It’s only at this point that Christie realizes he’s been had, and he trudges upstairs to “say goodbye” to Trump. The latter of course pretends not to know what the problem is and asks Christie to “come back here tomorrow.”

Are we sure he was pretending?


I remember nothing about that movie, apart from feeling really bad for Janeane Garafolo.



I am not going to argue that Christie is in shape or a beautiful person or anything…but if this were an equally overweight woman instead; well, anyone lambasting her for wearing some ensemble that doesn’t accentuate her ample figure would undoubtedly be ripped apart for fat/body shaming and be told that she can wear whatever she is comfortable wearing and suits the situation.

In this case he’s at a baseball game wearing a baseball uniform. It may not fit him well, but fits the situation and whatever he deserves criticism for…this ain’t it.


It did at least have The Shoveler.

We happy few…


Up close and in person Mr. Christie oozes unpleasantness. I have experienced this first hand. Bad vibes for days, man.


He flat out stated on Real Time with Bill Maher this past Friday that the book is nothing more than a cash grab.