Matt Taibbi on Chris Christie's "agonizing" memoir: "an epic literary self-own"


You’re right. That’s a blind spot I need to work on.


Christie is nothing but a colossal douchebag and has gotten exactly what he deserves.


Disagree; he deserves even worse than what he’s gotten.


So this is Christie’s Trump anecdotes that Bob Woodward didn’t think were interesting enough to put into Fear? I’ll pass.


No…to @Stephen_Hess ‘s point…it’s Christie trying to make some money off the dysfunction that is the Nostradumbass’ Administration. He was very blunt about it on Real Time this past Friday.


Considering how he’s already the target of so many fat jokes you’d think he’d avoid using a title that sounds like a petulant child screaming about how he’s not done with his dessert.


At first glance I thought he described Christie as a “chimp” instead of a “chump”. Think I got it right the first time.


I take issue with this use of “allegory.” The book does not figuratively or symbolically portray “the perils of not being as smart as you think you are”, it literally portrays those perils. Ugh, the irony…

ETA: I guess it’s just barely a legitimate use of “allegory,” because Christie wrote the memoir in such a way that those perils aren’t actually characterized as perils. However, the text is still literal, without symbolic meaning, and so reading his memoir does not require any interpretation in order to see the perils as they are: just read from your own perspective rather than through Christie’s rose-colored glasses.


God, if the country wasn’t the ultimate victim in all of this, these stories of Trump humiliating all the dickfaces like Christie et al would be delicious.

Say what you will about Trump (not everyone is a fan, I understand from the papers), but he beat all these people at their own game in their own house and then stomped on their dicks while making them ask for seconds. Romney going hat in hand to beg for the SoS position, just to be humiliated again was a hell of a thing. Again, if Trump wasn’t who he was doing what he’s doing, it would be fun to watch.


“Let Me Finish” is the title? Well, I say, let the man finish. Quickly, please.


Obviously the Taibbi article is an allegory for improper use of literary terminology.


His recent trip to the Colbert show made me feel the same way.


That title.

“Let Me Finish” is such a sad title. I feel so sorry for this poor little book.

With that title, it’s like he’s talking to an exasperated ex, the universe, every one who’s rejected him, a distant daughter, someone taking him out of his car on the way to jail, a too-quick waiter, the Gong Show hook, a disinterested Tinder date, a helium balloon he accidentally let go of, everything, all at the same time, as the book looks up at you from the bookstore floor, waiting for another minute of life.



I really appreciated this:

Christie was once an insider favorite to succeed Barack Obama as president. He was the Beltway’s idea of a “crossover” political star, i.e. mean enough to parallel park over a homeless person, but maybe able to name three good movies.

Exactly. That’s the two things that America tries to “balance” when it does both-side-ism.


All the books being written by those in Trump’s orbit seem like wildly unaware, “literary self-owns.” It’s the nature of Trump supporters - anyone smart who is (or tried) cynically using him is self-aware enough to not write a damn book about it, because they know they won’t come out well.


Yes, 100%, agreed.

But…hypothetically…what if this woman’s name was also Chris Christie?

Still not ok? Right, probably still not ok. It just seemed like it might be funny. A little bit.


Chris Christie: a metaphor for how much of a sad asshole Chris Christie is.


Right? Might as well call it, “You Gonna Finish That?”


He does seem like an awful person but I can’t help but fondly remember when he took Rubio apart at the debate. Fish in a barrel but he did it well.


Thanks for saying this. He deserves criticism for things he did, but criticising his body shape makes it look like that particular body shape is not acceptable, and that’s not ok - it’s like implicitly criticizing overweight people for a thing that’s frequently not even their own fault.