Trump forced Chris Christie to eat meatloaf, shit sandwich was not on menu


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I keep picturing Ramsay Bolton watching how Trump treats Chris Christie, shaking his head and muttering “Man, that’s going too far.”




Chris Christie follows Trump like a puppy. He even spiked Rubio’s candidacy for Trump. And Trump insults him, over and over.

What is it with Republicans? They take insults, they ignore policy, they compromise principles. They just don’t seem to care about anything, except how to protect the leader they all “hated” during the primaries.

Party over country, or values, or civilization, I guess. Sigh,


I have a feeling this is Trump’s way of being friendly.
An interesting situation to ponder.


“He made me eat meatloaf” should be the new “Pleas laugh” T-Shirt.


I’m reaching for a triple whiskey after that little tidbit.


When you’re absolutely obsessed with and addicted to power, well, weird shit ensues.


This is part of Trump’s whole alpha-male-dominance thing, Christie should’ve allowed the meatloaf to be served and then only eaten the vegetables and side dishes, deliberately not touching the meatloaf to make a point.

(Yes yes, I know, we’re talking about Chris Christie, I already see the jokes coming.)


I’m sure it was just Trump’s way of acknowledging that Christie is a guy who probably appreciates good meatloaf, and Donald wants him to enjoy his dinner as much as he is, himself…


You cannot insult the character of someone without one.


That’s an interesting interpretation but the reality is that he’s a flat-out sociopath.


My team right or wrong. I’m one of those Bernie supporters that hates Clinton. I was not be a good little partydrone to support her because I saw her use parry mechanics to all but annoint herself.

The republicans squabble bicker fight then are expected to get in line when a pack alpha emerges. To do anything else makes you look weak.


I think this is one of those tactics like the pull-handshake. You soft-pedal (peddle?) little “requirements” to your underlings whenever you wish to probe their loyalty. Nothing too horrid, but difficult/irritating/specific enough to be able to spot check if they’re under your control or not.


#We’ve got a blind date with destiny! And it looks like she’s ordered the lobster he’s ordered us the meatloaf.


Liked for the Mystery Men reference. :grin:


concur - i worked with a very similar narcissist for a while and he would do exactly this shit all the goddam time

it’s a combination of power (must have it over you), trust (you have to trust me or you hate me), pa/maternalism (see how i’m taking care of you, sweetie), and longing (don’t you love me?)

and it’s always binary and final - has to have it every time or it’s just fucking OVER - and when it’s over, s/he will do whatever shit cements it, whether it makes sense or not - psycho


or “Don’t taze me bro!”


Me too. I actually don’t see any big whoop here. At least compared to the other big whoops.