Trump forced Chris Christie to eat meatloaf, shit sandwich was not on menu


In the big scheme of how many ways Trump is an asshole, this is actually small potatoes, but there IS a difference between “We’re having the meatloaf” and “You’ve got try the meatloaf, it’s amazing.” I’ll point out to the younger readers here that this is also somewhat emasculating. Back in the back when, it was considered normal for the man on a date to order for both him and his date. So by ordering for Christie he’s also saying “you’re my bitch.” And yes, when it was normal for men to do this for women it was that strange mix of power, enforced dependence, and paternalism.
ETA: I believe that the theoretical justification for men ordering for women back in the day, is that the man was paying and that prevented him from having a problem if his date ordered a more expensive meal that he could afford to pay for. That etiquette rule pre-dates the time when most people had credit cards.


No, not a “big whoop,” but a very “illuminating whoop.”


The big bully, bullying the littler bully:


Somebody with 'shoop skills should turn that coonskin cap into a Trump hairdo. But keep the yellow eyes. Those are perfectly scary.


in one way of looking at it, his whole schmear is one giant potato - keep an eye on how he does everything - to me, nearly every action is underpinned by that central imperative - everything fits it

in that view, how does it unravel? - 1) continue to push everyone to do things his way, even if it breaks rules, then 2) run afoul of a superior authority which puts the kibosh on the frolic, and 3) on the way down, flail like Balrog or Khan and, tragically, take something valuable down with him

i’ve seen it before, i think we will see it again - mark my words


The first thing I did when I read this headline was check to make sure Marvin Lee Aday was still alive and well.


I don’t think cannibalism is even on Trump’s agenda, though I guess that I wouldn’t be all that surprised if he tore a page out of Idi Amin’s playbook.



Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds from context like Trump was recommending the meatloaf and saying “I’m getting meatloaf, you’ve gotta have it too, it’s fabulous.”

My father in law does this all the time. “Everyone, dinner’s on me tonight. But I’m ordering you their t-bone, it’s the best, I get it every time.”


Trump: “You said you’d ask me a simple question and you ask me whether or not I ate a person. That’s not a simple question. Very rude.”

Sean Spicer: “There is nothing that would conclude me that the president has done anything different with respect to eating at this time.”

Kellyanne Conway: “Alternative meats.”


Fuck Chris Christie though


Didn’t we speculate during the election that he could eat a baby on live TV and his base would stay with him?


You were saying?



We’re going way way back, you know. Coulda just pointed to yesterday’s news conference instead.

Relatedly: this is my new favoritest image of all time:


[quote]New Jersey governor Chris Christie told a reporter that President Donald Trump made him order meatloaf when they ate a meal together at the White House this week.

It’s hard to believe it, people, but yes. This is where we are.[/quote]Where… are we, exactly?

Is the problem that Christie had nothing better to talk about than that Trump made him order meatloaf?
Is it that the reporter thought that talking about Trump making him order meatloaf would be a useful thing to write about?
Is it that there’s a president who feels he can make other people order meatloaf?

What is this madness?


It’s more remarkable in the sheer degree of utter pettiness that is the Short Fingered Vulgarian. The meatloaf is more the symptom. Remember during the campaign that people were commenting that Christie was being treated poorly by Trump, out of just sheer nastiness? This is a continuation of that, and the ponderings are basically going, “Eeesh, how long is he going to keep this ritual humiliation and dominance display going?”


It was when he had to eat the meatloaf in front of Radiohead that he got suspicious.

When he asked Trump about jobs, Trump only said:

Lemme sleep on it, oooooh baby lemme sleep on it…


If it weren’t for Meat Loaf then NONE of us would be in this situation now.


But, I mean, of all the other unspeakably horrible things he might or might not be doing, we should be concerned about the sheer degree of his utter pettiness? It’s like how loss of appetite might be a symptom of having an axe lodged in one’s skull.