Trump considering Chris Christie as Attorney General


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Sarah Huckabee Sanders might be leaving in a few weeks. Maybe he’s up for White House Press Secretary?


It’s like watching a domestic abuse saga unfold…


Christie will handle this about as well as he did the Trump transition team.


Christie would be better than Kobach. I’m desperately hoping KKK Kobach doesn’t get the position, but he has a habit of failing upwards.


I adore Rob’s first sentence with all of my joyless, terrible heart.

/wipes tear


I really, truly believe that Trump just feels like fucking with Christie again.


I thought for sure Trump was going to appoint Joe Arpaio as AG.


They don’t even bother pretending to integrity any more, do they?


The acting attorney general is no prince.


Yeah, I read that Lewis book. Christie failed terribly. But this time I don’t think it was his doing.

I’m starting to think that somewhere in tRumps cabinet lies a Hooveresque black book. If Christie takes the job it might be confirmation.


Fill it up.



His name is Reek


Minus any sympathy.


I have to say, it would be a great choice - because he would, like Sessions, be legally required to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.
I just wonder how bad the legal advice Trump is getting at this point actually is.


This means probably that they are slowly but surely running out of sycophantic assclowns that are willing to ruin their lives by being part of this shit show.


I’m afraid this country is sycophantic assclowns all the way down.


No point they’re already running on a child-killing, rape-enthusiast, democracy crushing pro-slavery platform. There simply is no integrity left to pretend with.