Trump considering Chris Christie as Attorney General


Trump isn’t going to share those Big Macs



Oh yes! Do it Mr. Trump! Choose a former federal prosecutor who will uphold the law, and one of my fellow Italians from New Jersey, one who you went out of your way to demean and humiliate. This will not end well for you.


Somehow when thinking of Trump and Christie the term Lemonparty comes to mind.


The key to Trump getting his ideal Attorney General is finding a person who has no regard for the law, or perhaps someone who can always find a way to interpret the law to his favor. (Which I guess is the same thing.)


Chris Christie is one of the less objectionable people reportedly under consideration for AG, (Pam Bondi, Lindsay Graham, Kris Kobach, Rudy Giuliani).

Like Sessions, Bondi has trouble separating her religious beliefs from her professional duties. Handing the DOJ to Kris Kobach would be about the same as giving it to David Duke, except that Kobach seems less savvy. I’m not sure what’s going on with Lindsay Graham since John McCain died, but I don’t want him in charge of law enforcement, and Rudy Giuliani is apparently commuting to the White House from some other planet in a parallel dimension.

But it won’t be Christie; Trump will find somebody far worse, someone who hates the entire concept of jurisprudence, someone who wants to toss out the entire legal system and make us subject to God’s Laws. My money’s on the exhumation and reanimation of Jerry Falwell.

ETA @generic_name got there before me and was more succinct.

She’s too busy using her position for personal gain, but Tiffany is in law school, so she might be a good choice if Trump remembers that she exists.


What’s Ivanka doing these days?



He could be good building bridges to cooperate with the Democrats. I read somewhere that he has a lot of experience managing bridges…


Great. Another crook.



So. What exactly are his qualifications? Other than being a bloated walrus i mean.



Well, some of us are OK. More or less.


He is an authoritarian asshole who is more than willing to overlook crime if the perpetrator is rich enough. I think that sums up the requirements for a Trump AG.


I give this a big “Why not?”

I mean, at this point.


I’m halfway convinced that Trump has floated this rumor just to see Christie’s face when he’s denied, again.


He’s more of a bridge closer than builder




I always thought it was turtles.