Trump considering Chris Christie as Attorney General


Please don’t insult walruses! They need their bloat to stay warm!


The :mushroom: administration is a realty TV show. Christie is good on TV.

But he won’t be welcome long. He’s good at punching down, not so much at sucking up.


A thin dusting of glitter on a turd.


Don’t give Delta any hazmat ideas. :wink:


I wonder if he has any suits without bus tire tracks on them?


This is my read too. I do believe the man is sycophantic, but is fundamentally a rule of law person who will not cross certain red lines. The comparison to Sessions is apt in some ways. And I don’t think Trump can process that Christie would not follow his biddding in every and all particulars.


Best comment yet. Although I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing Christie’s fingers shortened.


let’s say he anointed Rudy Giuliani, how exactly would anyone stop him?

he also gets 200 days with the new puppet, country might not be recognizable by summer 2019

(but the caravan)


No need to wonder, just tune in to Fox and Friends and see it for yourself.


Well presumably Rudy “I haven’t really practiced law in the last 30 years” Giuliani is also giving advice. Though Fox is probably a better source, really…


So ummm … Who is your first choice. Enquiring minds want to know.


Garlic, crucifixes and sunlight?



For Trump, the worse… the better. He wants people who likely have hidden nasty histories that he can hold over them and control them with.


All the good advice in the world is meaningless when we’re talking about a very stable genius that won’t follow any advice.


“Sessions, who had a tortured relationship with President Donald Trump”

It was only waterboarding.


I’m hoping for Alex Jones. Rip away any pretense.


I’m surprised he isn’t considering Peter Thiel at this point.


Having Christie as AG will help us all learn the proper usage of “attorneys general.”


I only wish I were confident that there was also someone keeping the football away from Trump.


Christie is built like a linebacker…