Senate Dems can stop Trump from appointing a new Attorney General during recess

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Who would have thought that Trump actually would (slowly) drain the swamp by appointing bad politicians to his cabinet and then forcing them out? Granted that there’s probably an endless supply of them, but there are plenty of people in Alabama glad to be rid of Sessions at the moment (and hopefully in the future as well).

I’d love to see him hire and fire Chris Christie and Ted Cruz just to get them out of their offices.


I dunno, this plan seems completely nuts… From my understanding the installment of Sessions as AG is the lynchpin of Trump’s plan– put a bigot with a ton of inside DC connections in the AG role to enact the retrograde domestic agenda… Giuliani doesn’t have the DC clout to be at effective as being a shit-heel as Sessions and given the crazy shit Giuliani has spewed as a talking-head over the last year, it’s unlikely he’d be confirmed by Dem’s. I think this is all kabuki theatre; Sessions is in a solid place and Trump is roasting him over some coals for the news cycle. I don’t know, he’s so fucking crazy anything could happen.


I just don’t think Trump is crazy enough to attempt to fire Sessions. Especially given that Sessions’ interests (his racism, his xenophobia, his favoring oligopolist/corporatist interests) are so perfectly aligned with Trump’s.

Excepting his one grave “mistake” (actually following the spirit of the law and recusing himself), he’s everything Trump could want in an AG. (Although, I keep wondering, Why did he recuse himself? Is this some long con to make Trump vulnerable and install a Pence Presidency-- ie, getting Sessions everything he wants. Sure, Trump is a great puppet, but he acts out too much; POTUS Pence is the Dream.)


Breitbart has now taken to criticizing the Rancid Yam regarding Sessions. For anyone who hasn’t been following the backstory - Sessions (and his aide Stephen Miller) were the pipeline to the government for Breitbart even before Trump. Sessions used Breitbart (or vice versa) to kill republican support for immigration reform under Obama because it wasn’t racist enough. So Breitbart actually cares more about Sessions than they do Trump. Trump is just a tool and if he kicks Sessions to the curb its going to cripple the implementation of their agenda.

Serves those fuckers right, they knew Don was a con-man and they willingly hitched their wagon to him anyway because they thought he was their con-man. Surprise! He’s nobody’s con-man but his own.

Because he’s a Lawful Evil elf in a Chaotic Evil administration.



It’s like a more intolerable Bluth family! I can see the reality show already.


Priceless! Hopefully in a really corrupt for-profit prison.


Hush now or the jig will be up.

He is also bringing things up before the Supreme Court which are slowly becoming clear NO territory for future presidents.

Still think he’s douchey, but he’s the sort of fool our system is built to tolerate and learn from - ideally


He’s a yuge tool.


You know, they were buidling a wall, and into a litte light treason also. Just which family of land developers do you assume the show was loosely based on?


I’m still trying to get my head around the racist, lying-under-oath Attorney General getting pushed out of office for the only ethically sound decision he made since taking the job.


Oh, now that would be cruel.


Everybody in that line-up now has a criminal defense attorney specifically for dealing with Russia inquiries.


I admire your optimism.

I would sleep better if I shared it :worried:


I like my version better.


I don’t think the “Dems” should try to stop Trump from bringing about his own political demise.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing Trump does will cost him the support of his fellow Republicans. If this train wreck does end in Trump’s demise it will be at the hands of an opposition-led resistance.


It will happen, but it’s likely to be very bad while it’s happening.


No good deed goes unpunished.

For a lighter treatment of the subject:

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