Senate Dems can stop Trump from appointing a new Attorney General during recess

No way does Trump actually have $250,000 in cash to line a banana stand with…


I doubt Giuliani would accept. Not saying he’s heroic in not accepting, just syaing he’s not an idiot and his supporters eager to make money off his presidency now realize that they can’t do it on the inside - like Chaffetz quitting before being forced to show he was never interested in justice or putting his name on healthcare. He’s literally gearing up for the post-Trumpcare GOP healthcare realigning and having a clean slate for whatever other Fox News bullshit he is planning.

Yeah, but that’s the thing. He has no agenda, his appointees do. His only plan is to feed his ego and the bank accounts of his children and cronies. He doesn’t actually give a shit one way or the other so long as he feels that he is adored by the McMasses and he can continue to do and say how he pleases without consequence. This is why his positions change tweet-by-tweet and he eventually betrays everyone who sticks their neck out for him. I’m kind of astounded how delusional these people are about his loyalty when he betrays them…

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I hope that if Trump started using anti-terrorism powers against democratic members of congress the people asked to carry out the orders would alert the vice president and they’d pull an article 25 to replace him.

But I can imagine the headline: “Trump killing all democratic senators with drone strikes raises new concerns.”


Yeah, it’s making the best of an awful situation. Jeff Sessions does not deserve to be Atty. General. He is, however, hobbled (in one specific area) by a recusal.

The rumor is that by using his recess appointment power, Trump will be able to

1 Fire Sessions
2 Appoint X in his place, without the burden of a confirmation hearing
3 X will then fire Muller

“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?”

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The head of ICE is making noises about criminalizing the political opposition.

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