Testimony: Chris Christie laughed when told of bridge closures


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/28/testiomony-chris-christie-lau.html


I wonder if it sounded anything like this?


My guess is more like this…


“This was our one constituent. I was pleasing my one constituent,” Wildstein said. “I was proud of it. I was happy that he’s happy.”

Plenty of ass to kiss


Christie, what an asshole.
You can see why he and tRump get along, despite tRump bullying him - they’re birds of a feather.


Sure, it looks bad, but you have to remember that this bridge closure was an act of revenge to punish someone who wouldn’t support him, so his laughter was completely appropriate.


Maybe he’s just a joyous human being.
There’s nothing wrong with being high on life!


Did he shake when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly?



He recognizes the alpha asshole


Just as Trump does in Putin…


Sure; but this is America. We aren’t against your petty, spiteful, abuse of power; but Do Not mess with the commutes we already loathe and dread.

If he had just been providing leaded drinking water to the poors or something, we would probably have forgotten about the matter months ago, and some of us would even be in favor of it; but making our commutes worse is about as universally unpopular as an action can possibly be.


This is why primatologists are in great demand to provide election commentary right now. (I’m serious. The number of primatologists I’ve seen being tapped to explain tRump is downright disturbing.)


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