Christine Blasey Ford to donate extra money raised for her security to help trauma survivors


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That… is something I’d have a hard time imagining any of her critics saying.


This dear lady is the proverbial eternal thorn in the Reich Wingers ass, and I love her for it. She is and always will be a National Treasure.



Good for her.


But Trump supporters told me that the money proved that she was paid to slander that poor innocent judge! Muh talking points!


A true Sheroe!!

Thank you.


May she have a long and prosperous life, and may we reach the point as a country where we are willing and able to apologize to her and the people who put her through this are able to ask for forgiveness.

It’s the long con–all those women who have claimed to be victims of domestic violence are going to get some money. Lucky ducks!


I knew it. Her whole campaign of wicked lies to bring down [what I irrevocably guess to be] a great man like Bert Kanavagh is now PROVEN to be a squalid cash grab, since that is what I would automatically do if $600,000 was raised on my behalf for any reason. CASE CLOSED.

I wonder what the rest of the post was about.


I’m sure the FBI is getting right on that, along with Ivanka’s emails. I mean, they had a whole office working on Hillary’s emails, so I’m sure they have more than that working on political terrorism.


Yeah, it’s also something I have a hard time imagining someone making false allegations would say either. In fact, one might think that if the allegations were false and she was just doing it for money or fame or whatever else, would she not be continuously trying to inject herself into the media instead of retreating?

People who are lying about something to make money or to gain fame, don’t typically stop and say, “no, this money should go to somebody else.”

I already believed her, now I believe her more.


Just a reminder that a fine young man like Bart “more beer” O’Kavanaugh would never have behaved in this manner while a student in an all-male prep school populated by rakehells.


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