Christopher Eccleston did a Doctor Who Q&A

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Agreed! I wish he’d at least done one more season, though I understand why he didn’t…

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One of my favourite moments in Who:

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That story starts a bit campy, but rapidly becomes filled with dark terror. For a family show it was really pushing the fear levels up, making a decent ending quite difficult. But that joy at the end - that just this once, everyone lives - Eccleston really did a great job of delivering that.

Like so many others I also wish he had another series or two, so that we could see more moments where everybody lives.


I would even argue that the reason they were able to successfully re-boot Doctor Who for so many more seasons is BECAUSE OF Eccleston. He drew in modern audiences as well as us old-timers.

The BBC should be more grateful to him, and more ashamed of how they treated him at the time.


They really should. I know he was struggling with his mental health at the time, but a major reason he left was how he saw the crew being treated on the show. The fact that they just dismissed him when he was trying to stand up for his co-workers is telling.


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I know he’s done some Big Finish stories, so maybe one day, he’ll come back for an appearance on the show… But I think that’d depend on the BBC!


the black-on-black Matrix look the Ninth Doctor utilized might be the least memorable attire of the revival series

It’s funny, I never thought of it as boring or even unmemorable - in the context of the previous run of the show, it was downright radical! Up until that point, the costume design was stuck on a “Victorian fop” to “clown” axis, which you could see even in novel, non-canonical Dr. Who designs (tv parodies, comics, etc.). So it was a definite break (especially after Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy) that opened up entirely new axes of possibilities - as a parallel to what Eccleston’s performance did for the character itself.


One season of Eccles was never enough, so I was over the moon when he started recording BF audios. He slips back into the character so seamlessly. It’s good to have him back.


Indeed. A few years after Paul McGann started recording audios, he showed up at a con in a new outfit modelled closely on Nine’s: Paul McGann Reveals New Costume For Eighth Incarnation Of Doctor Who - IMDb


I must be psychic: I knew yours would be the first post on this thread, and that it would feature that gif.

I believe John Hurt’s outfit was also intended to riff off Eccleston’s:



Nah… I’m just getting boring and predictable! :grimacing:

they wanted Eccleston to reprise his role, but he wouldn’t… so they invented the War Doctor and got John Hurt…


Every cloud …

Edited to add: this, just because.



That was more a Steven Moffat thing than an Eccleston thing—so direct your attention to the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor periods I guess


And John Hurt absolutely stole every scene he was in, which is saying a lot considering he was sharing it with two actors who were playing giant hams chewing the scenery.

I’ve honestly lost track of how many times I’ve watched the episode.


The War Doctor’s outfit is a sort of continuation of the one McGann wore inbthe 50th Anniversary prequel, Night of the Doctor.

Frankly, I loved the idea of the War Doctor. I could never fathom Eight being the one to end the Time War. Big Finish has a couple sets of John Hurt’s War Doctor.


If there’s one thing I find fault with with Moffatt it’s his “Everybody Lives” ethos.

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