The New Doctor Lands




That was… brief.


and devoid of content


music, a silhouette and a reminder you are waiting for some TV that doesn’t suck.


They seem to be preparing everyone for a change in tone; all of the build-up (including his brief appearance in the last episode of the show) seems to indicate he’s going to be much harder-edged than the often-silly Matt Smith. Enough to be off-putting to some fans of the lighter side of the show, possibly.


You say that like it’s a bad thing. :wink:


Not at all, I’m looking forward to it! I don’t dislike Matt Smith, but he just doesn’t do the balance of light and dark as well as necessary to be a really compelling Doctor IMO.


You’re talking to a fan of Eccleston here. Well, after the Fourth Doctor, of course. Everyone else until the end of time comes after Tom Baker.


You speak for me. The War Doctor is also a favorite.


I was excited to see the logo more pared down, but i’ve been hoping that they would go back to a much sparer theme as well- the orchestration of the current theme is too pompous, and the original theme was actually quite something:


I wonder if I can avoid all the episodes of this doctor as I did with the boy before?


He’s never going to top The Lair of The White Worm.

I’d rather have a new series of The Thick of It, too. So much better than Veep.

Still, I might try this. Haven’t watched Doctor Who since the Davison and McCoy days, but Capaldi is always awesome.


So far Capaldi seems like a good choice, but I am mostly concerned about the writing. Moffat was great as an episode writer, but he has his weaknesses as a showrunner.

One big issue is that I don’t think the gets the balance between between build-up and payoff right. I know that it was never a good idea to think too hard about the resolutions of Doctor Who stories and that usually they still work as character moments. However I think often he is trying to be too clever for his own good, resulting in episodes that don’t stand on their own very well but only work as part of an elaborate build-up to something that unravels in the end.

The other is his overuse of informed-cool Poochie characters like River Song and especially Vastra.

Of course I still can’t wait to see the new episodes.


What’s with all the shadowy wadowy stuff?


Poochie?! I’d rank River as one of the best companions the doctor has had, and the actress was just great! ( Vastra is a little silly, but that’s lizard people for you. )

My feeling is Moffat’s attention wandered over to Sherlock, and Who has suffered for it. Clara’s one most of the two dimensional characters he’s created, and this last season had few memorable moments for me.


Ok, I think I should take that back at least partially. When I wrote “Poochie” I was primarily thinking of Vastra (and in that case I absolutely mean it.) I like Alex Kingston, too, but I found it really grating how in most scenes in which she appeared we were hit over the head with River’s alleged awesomeness. I think that has to be earned a bit more organically.


plus sparks, fire, and ominy.

Ominy being the singular of ominous.


Yes, there was the measure of only one omin in that teaser.


Toes crossed that this one isn’t a silly ponce like Matt Smith. Its been downhill since Eccelson for me.