Eleven Doctor Who 'microfigs'

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John Pertwee was always my favorite, although David Tennant and Matt Smith were fun also. Eccelston was also excellent. Too bad he bailed early.


The best of the new Doctors. Took me a long time to get OK with Tennant, and Smith was flat for me. The War Doctor was this fantastic return to story telling I liked and then I just stopped bothering as I was tired of the Tennant/Smith stuff.

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The Lego Minifigs custom modding community has you covered!


Oh, I wanted to hate Matt Smith for looking like a modern pretty boy vampire but that boyish charm and wonder quickly won me over.

If anything I think it was the scripting that went stale but certainly not Smith.


Smith and Tennant are wonderful actors and I like their other work. The writing for those Doctors was awful while some of the characters and story telling were great, the Doctors themselves were unDoctor to me. Perhaps for coming after the War Doctor and forgetting their best elements, they were the Doctor without real guile.

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Who are the ones in the bottom row?

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Why are they modeled c.f. Playskool? Why the ______ __ -- --________ -__- are they modeled like that?
Beady eyes.
Maybe they come with a rightsized pack of torn threads and K-9 pieces and sets of BBC2 tag-along leather? (3? well…)
At least have the Baker head turn-'roundable under the curls. Or something. There’s nicey.
Nope! Changed my mind. It has to be 3/4 height puppets like Onmyoji!

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I’m hoping that, now there is a woman as the Doctor, we can wave bye-bye to Mary-Sue assistants. The assistants’ job (male or female) is to ask questions, scream and need saving. Anything else is overstepping the line.

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If you put McGann’s head on Eccleston’s body, you can make a pretty decent Marwood from Withnail and I.


New Who, I’m a Tennant man myself.

Old Who, I prefer Pertwee, though Baker and Davison were close seconds.


There’s no Peter Cushing, shame that. Dr Who and the Daleks was one of my fave films when I was little. Shame Richard E Grant never took the mantle on physically but as long as he’s alive, or a Doctor there’s still time :smiley:

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Not minifigs, but this set includes the most recent Doctors, including the War doctor:


They get the 6th Doctor’s costume all wrong, though. I’m guessing that’s the outfit he had on for that scene in that episode where they all show up for a hot minute. Ugly as it is, I kind of like that whole Doctor’s technicolor dreamcoat… and Colin Baker could have been a great Doctor with better writing, etc.


Favorite Doctors? 2, 4, 11, and 12! Favorite Masters? The first and Missy!

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That was a great thing. I hear they have audiobooks featuring him to fill out his run.

Capaldi’s entire run is worth it for Heaven Sent which might be the single best episode of Who. And I’ve been a fan since I could turn on a TV and tune it to PBS.

I also think the new Doctor is going to be fantastic. I cannot wait.

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