Chuck Tingle covers Sean Hannity's disclosure problems


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Two time Hugo Award finalist…

I hope the Rabid Puppies are pleased with what they have wrought.


Do these stories get repetitive? The capabilities of fantastic beasts might be readily grasped, but I would not expect it to be feasible to elaborate on the physical capacities of metaphorical concepts with much variety.




“Pounded in the butt by Chuck Tingle running out of things to get pounded in the butt by”?


Sam Hannity?

I think I found the problem. The guy clearly doesn’t watch enough Fox News.


I think I would’ve gone with Ham Sannity.



Hello. I should like to complain to the management of this web site for directing me to buy this Kingle e-book on your recommendation. Imagine my shock and, um, amazement when I opened the tin to find not a rollicking space opera fit to be Hugo nominated butt rather a tail most remarkable and disturbing or perhaps uh interesting content. My wife was also most, uh, interested, oh yes. Note to self: make sure you are actually on before purchasing anything in future. ahem

Spam Hammity


Anyone know anything about Chuck Tingle’s sales figures? Does he just do this for fun or does he really have have income from these books. I guess he does sort of own the niche market.

Also: it was very hard, I mean difficult, to avoid double entendres write this post.


Naughty boy, ISWYDT!


Or, That’s What He Said



Does Chuck Tingle have a Patreon page? Asking for a friend…


Can I just say that if anyone ever needs to write a book about a thinly veiled version of me, please use Chuck Tingle’s Art Director. Like, holy smokes, talk about any resemblance to actual persons living or dead being purely coincidental


This is absolutely disgusting. Imagine if some CHILD saw that kerning.



I think Tingle’s book is a means to an end…a tool, if you will, intended to get to the bottom of the Hannity situation.


Just when I think a Tingle story premise can’t get any more abstract, he proves me wrong.


Are Sam and Sean brothers? They don’t look alike. And people would have trouble telling Sean’s mouth from his asshole.


LOL, try these literary masterpieces.

Just search amazon for Chuck Tingle Tromp!