Cillian Murphy in the first trailer for Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer

I often think of his quoting Hindu devotional literature and compare it to the gee supergood newspeak of our barely literate current tech overlords.

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Yes but this was a particular type of hat, a porkpie hat. Breaking Bad was full of details like this.

doesn’t look like the same hat to me


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But it is the same type. It’s a pork pie. Los Alamos National Labs has a web page about Oppenheimer’s hat and personal style (which is very stylish in my opinion). And Walter White’s hat was donated to the Smithsonian. I’m sure the director was intentional in this. This type of hat hardly exists in New Mexico today but Oppenheimer was famous for wearing it in New Mexico.

If hats are what you wanna discuss, you really should go start your own thread.


I won’t discuss it more, but I am really looking forward to this movie. Oppenheimer sounds like quite a fascinating guy on many levels.

Look at you, actually taking the gentle hint and getting back on the topic at hand…


it’s not the same

they don’t look the same

this is nonsense

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