Circumventing machine-gun controls with a robotic glove that automates faster-than-human trigger-pulls


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This thread is gonna get fun shortly…


Yeah, I’m guessing many states will ban this quickly.


Just what a bunch of wankers need…shoot faster than humanly possible on your old tired gun…just gotta watch out for your reload time. Christ on a crutch WTF is next?.


How fast is it? Is it like The Flash fast?`or only Quicksilver flash. If it was Flash fast it could ironically cause the trigger to wear out before you were done killing everyone.



I wonder where the second shot from the woman’s gun ended up because her barrel was pointed decidedly higher when the second round exited the barrel.


“Shooting adventure.” Two words that never seem to sit side by side with on another in my day to day vocabulary.


I was reading about this on another site yesterday, and was surprised to read that the California ATF is kind of OK with it. (For now, anyways)

Based on that, I’d guess their ideology behind banning automatic weapons in that state is to avoid your average Joe BadGuy from putting his hands on an automatic weapon and going on a shooting spree. Basically, the fact that you have to install and practice with these various kludgy and awkward solutions (and there’s more than one on the market) for automatic fire means that they have enough of a barrier to entry for Joe BadGuy that they are not too worried about them.

My guess anyways.


It’s not an automatic weapon - it’s revenue enhancement.


So I watched the video. These Auto Glove things are to make shooting even more fun. And fun is the best thing to have, right? This is all about good times for everyone.:rainbow:


They should market this as an ADA-compliant accessibility device.


That’s a completely different application of said glove.


Well, wait, if you only have to pull the trigger once, and then a “machine” makes the gun shoot a bunch of bullets, doesn’t that mean that this glove effectively turns every gun into a machine gun? If anything this should expand the reach of the National Firearms Act…


Can’t believe it took this long to make the Power Glove NES Zapper compliant.


It seems to me like an incredibly stupid idea. God only knows where all those rounds are ending up.


Eh, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for approval. There have been many devices that the ATF has said is no go. Hell, technically a shoe string can make your rifle illegal. Yes, that’s right, they made a shoe string illegal.

They SHOULD just reopen the NFA registry to new items. The problem is they closed the registry in 1986. You can still legally buy full autos in most states with ATF paper work, tax, and background check. The problem is, because of the restricted supply, and the demand higher, only the wealthy can really afford them. Or the dedicated. One can get a manufacturers license and start making their own.

So, since it is now just a toy of the bourgeoisie, the common person is looking for work-arounds. Bumpfire stocks are legal and have been around for a long time. With some practice one can get full auto rates of fire.

Though, really, FA is a novelty. Its fucking expensive and wears your gun down much faster. Still, just like people want a car that can go 0 to 60 in a few seconds, people like playing with stuff that is more and faster. Still, something like this will lead to pricey range days, not chaos on the streets.


Exactly. This is an accessory item that converts a semi-auto gun into a full-auto gun, by giving you a clip’s worth of shots with a single switch closure.

Any lawyer worth hiring could convince a jury of this fact.