Clash release 12-cd box set with giant fake cigarette


Sometimes a giant fake cigarette is just a giant fake cigarette.

Thanks folks! I’ll be here all week. Try the buffet!

I think the cigarette is a poster tube. I am still not sure of the significance, though.

In “The Future is Unwritten,” Joe says, “All non-smokers should be barred from buying products made by smokers.” He goes on to make a direct link between creativity and smoking cigarettes. Which is part of the genius of Joe - agree or disagree, he always made you think.

Oh, and… stickers!

sumere t’ hyde yur weed.

Stay Free: “smoking menthol”

I love how all the Clash boxsets never include Cut the Crap.

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Perfect for a camberwell carrot.

And earplugs?

Does anyone elsethink $177 is highway robbery for this? Turning rebellion into money, indeed.

For all that Joe Strummer gave us over they years, we can forgive him that album.

packaged in an exact replica of Mr. Simonon’s beloved old boom-box.

How much would it cost me to source a working version of the same model as Paul had?

considering the Clash has given away their rights on London Calling to CBS to make it a double album at the price of a simple, and have done the same for Sandinista (making a triple album the price of a regular album) I don’t think they overprice this :slight_smile: 11 CD’s, remastered, plus a handful of goodies, 177$ is not cheap but don’t seems overpriced.

Yes, I have confirmed it is a poster tube for a photo of Joe Strummer taken by Paul Simonon.

strummers (not my montage):

paul’s boombox (looks like a sanyo?)

i’ve been trying to find a cheap-ish Lasonic TRC-931

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