Smoke-a-Bowl tees commemorate a Superbowl between two legal pot states, and raise money for NORML


Buy quickly. The NFL’s legal department is sure to swoop down on put an end to this.

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IVXX? Shouldn’t it be CDXX?



Edit. Never mind. Brain in gear now.

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Could only be better if the ‘Smoke-A-Bowl’ T was smokeable.

“$5.00 from the sale of every tee, and $2.00 from every sticker pack, benefits the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.”

Shirts are $25. So are they honestly saying that it COSTS TWENTY DOLLARS to print a tshirt? Because that sounds all sorts of wrong.

100% cotton? Why aren’t these shirts made from hemp?


That’s right - all their other t-shirts are priced at $20, so they mark this one up so they can “donate” $5 to NORML. The company isn’t really donating anything.

Those t-shirt designs are really quite bad. I think I’d rather give $5 directly to NORML, save the $20 for some recreational materials, and stare at my collection of blacklight posters.

Incidently, BoingBoing sells its t-shirts (including this one of a smoking monkey) for $20 and donates nothing to NORML. So y’know… there’s that.

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$24 if you need XXL and no option at all if you need more than that. Plus shipping would be $10 for me.

I guess it all depends on how old you are for a little perspective. 'Cause these shirts look a lot like the cheesy ones that used to hang in 70’s/80’s head shops. Which means they are pretty terrible, but that’s part of the charm…

i seen the roman numerals and was like “musta been high when he made the roman numerals, it should be XXIV for 24 or XXVI for 26…that says 4 20…oh…i see…”

still, should been CDXX…IVXX looks weird and isn’t proper roman numerals.


That was pretty much my reaction too.

I always figured you have to pay a premium for the guy who knows the guy who has all the good t-shirts.

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They were going to print on hemp… but then they got high

Da nah nah nanana


Seriously, what was the T-shirt designer smoking when he designed that shirt?


Kyle Johnson, owner of Bumperactive print shop here. Just wanted to say we changed the roman numerals on the green ringer tee, basically in response to the internet telling us it hated the way we were originally doing it. We thought we being clever (cause it’s four-twenty, not four-hundred-and-twenty), but everyone else thought we were being stupid.

So we made a slight tweak to IV : 20 – and you can see the updated design on our product page:

Also, Acer Platanoides and others, hemp shirts woulda been awesome. We weren’t able to get them on that tight a turnaround from our distributor… Thanks for the feedback!

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