Classmates tearfully reunited in court—as judge and suspect

She did have nice things to say about him and I understand she needs to keep her docket moving, but I was bothered by her smiling–she seems really smug.

I didn’t take it that way. maybe she was smiling to keep from crying herself. as a professional, she can’t really have a personal moment in this situation, and she knows it. if she showed the same smile to him during her personal time, it might come across as genuine (to me, anyhow) but due to the power dynamic it can be read as smug?

ETA: there’s a guy I sometimes wonder about from my jr. high who was already obviously on the wrong path; but he was not only hands-down the coolest kid (freshest gear etc) he was simultaneously not a snob and was always really nice and genuine to me. people like that are the rarest of all. Joe was already doing crimes, though, and he was from the “wrong side of the tracks,” with the accompanying “he’s a bad kid” stigma from all the teachers. I really hope he’s well. It meant a lot to me that he could have picked on a nerd like me but instead would use me as a sounding board for stuff he couldn’t talk about with other kids.


They looked like mostly masking smiles (didn’t touch her eyes) to me and I thought masking sadness. There were contempt (smug) microexpressions at 0.03 and 0.45sec though. That said, contempt micros aren’t out of keeping with judging “how could someone as good as you fall so low” rather than feeling completely superior over him —I reckon she would have let the expression fully develop in that case and used her position to stick the knife in. Need more video to be able to get a full picture though …

oh my goodness…

As stated above, this is only a preliminary procedural event - not the trial or any other substantive proceeding determining guilt or innocence.

Yes, that is indeed true. And it also defines adolescent children quite well.


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