Clement Freud accused of serial sexual abuse of children

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The Jimmy Savile case, the Belgian sex ring case, and the rumors of Hollywood and political sex and pederasty clubs are indications of massive corruption among the power elites. May the victims find the courage to speak out, may the victimizers be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and may the media follow the allegations wherever they lead. This kind of perversity has got to stop.


It reveals such ugliness and rot, but the sunlight can only help prevent its spread.

May no other so successfully hide behind their privilege and others’ shame and fear!


Fucking hell… He was funny on Just a Minute I didn’t know when I was laughing what he did.


Well, the sunlight only ever seems to expose the dead. There was a case a while back that BB reported on where the adviser for the Great Firewall of Cameron was caught with child porn on computer networks inside 10 Downing St. A couple of days later, it was D-noticed out of existence.


To quote Freud, sometimes a cigar is just a child molester.

They are powerful and “important” - it’s like they are all really fast swimmers

Uh. Got some bad news for you.

It’s not just them… and it’s probably them less.

1:3 girls and 1:4 boys, before 18, raped or fucked with or sexually assaulted or whatever. Usually by a family member.

That’s America.

There’s a child rapist vote. I promise you they’re politically active. That big of a problem…

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