Pedophile sat behind Trump while he blasted Clinton for shooter's dad at rally

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Can we please stop this election? I wanna get off.


You know the last time I felt like enough already before the year was done was 2001 with the earthquake here in Seattle and 9/11… and it wasn’t near as bad as how I have been feeling it this year.


For fuck’s sake can we get a break from this a’hole for maybe one day!


“Never! Once this one ends the next one begins! Moo ha-ha!” ~ Satan


Trump also used to party with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. It was at one of those parties that a woman has testified (with at least one corroborating witness) that Trump raped her at age 13.

Most people manage to go through life without making close friends or associations with ANY convicted pedophiles, let alone face credible accusations of child rape themselves.


For fuck’s sake can we get a break from this a’hole for maybe one day!

If we are lucky we can after November.


And even then I doubt it, narcissists seldom go away.


I’m a little curious as to how this guy was picked out from the crowd. It would be too easy to draft a conspiracy theory about how someone purposefully made sure that he would be sitting in just the right place at the right time, and then made sure that the right people knew.

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Well, I mean, for the religious right, being a pedo isn’t really considered that bad. I mean, it’s not like he’s an atheist or a socialist or something.

I don’t expect this to hurt Trump’s chances any.


Dog whistle? What dog whistle?

The GOP hasn’t had the intelligence to resort to the half-assed coded language of dog whistle politics since well before they claimed “they weren’t crosshairs, they were ‘surveyor marks’”. Openly referring to Democratic candidates as Anti-Christ, non-citizens, founders of terrorist organizations, and subject to assassination is less coded than Pig Latin. Trump’s ability to “secretly” signal his followers while maintaining deniability is about as effective as the husband in that old ethnic joke from decades past:

“Honey, why don’t you give the kids some money for the M-O-V-I-E-S so we can fuck?”


That’s how he ended up behind Trump. He’s STILL establishment GOP and respected by his peers, not a rando plant.


Its just that we are staring at him right now since he is moving closer to the big nuke button and we are all nervous.

If he moves away and goes back to reality tv we can all safely ignore him.


Does that mean Mark Foley is his NAMBLA connection?


Projection is their drug of choice.

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I think that might be the best political cartoon I’ve seen of this election! That is spot on!


As long as he’s a white, christian pedophile it’s all good. :+1:


First off, Hillary hasn’t even been accused of committing sex crimes and she’s the one actually running for President against Trump.

Second, if you’re talking about Jeffrey Epstein then Trump has at least as many ties to that creep as the Clintons do. Trump regularly attended his parties and, as I noted above, a woman is currently suing Trump for raping her at one of them when she was 13 years old. And while I don’t discount the possibility that the women accusing Bill Clinton of rape may be telling the truth, the one accusing Trump actually has at least one credible witness to the deed itself who is willing to testify to that effect under oath.


Y’know, the “I’m moving to Canada” trope has been a little played out, what with the two W terms and all, but now that I’ve moved to the PNW, Vancouver is looking more and more attractive.


The only evidence we have of Mark Foley being anything more than just a creeper is that he sent lewd messages to former and current pages who were 16 and 17 years old (the age of consent in many states). All of his other attempted and actual sexual content was with men over the age of 18 or 21. While Foley may or may not have a thing for young guys, we have no evidence of him doing anything illegal with anyone underage.

However, Foley himself was molested as a teen, so the case had a lot of links between pederasty and his own creepy behavior towards young men. But it’s true that calling him a “pedophile” is legally and technically incorrect.