Top Vatican official charged with mutiple child sex offenses


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old institutions die hard


2000 years of this. Think of all the poor victims. Millions?


Every time I pass one of those churches that have all those crosses on the lawn, with a sign saying “millions of abortions since 19xx” whatever, I just want to replace the word “abortions” with “child molestations”.

Not that I want to give anyone the idea to do that. It would be…inappropriate. A sin, even.


Christ, what an asshole!


Pell and Bernie “The Shuffler” Law should both be sent back to their home countries to face justice. Otherwise, Vatican City is no better than some remote retreat where mobsters “go to the mattresses.”


Pope Frank needs to excommunicate his ass and throw him out of the Vatican.


Come home Cardinal Pell!

Edit - the genesis of this song relates to the fact that Pell claimed to be too ill to return from Rome to appear before the Royal Commission, but it also touches on allegations Pell was involved in covering up abuse by other priests rather than any allegation he was the perpetrator.

What is much more clearly understood is that he fought the claims of victims over many years, using less-than-model litigant tactics in court, compounding the damage.


Just a guess, but prison time might be better.


Good. Bring him back.
The man that covered up child abuses.
The man that instead of defrocking priests that abused children, just moved the priest to another place where children were.
The man who is too cowardly to help those that needed help. Who was to cowardly to ensure those that had done something wrong were punished and the victims had to suffer from his cowardice.
I’m an atheist, but there are times when I wish I was religious. Because then I’d feel better knowing what would await him in the afterlife.


Oh, I’m pretty sure it’s been going on longer than Christianity has…


If only there were black-ops teams in place to kidnap and rendition suspect priests the way we do so-called fundamentalist Islamists.
As a survivor of same-sex incestual abuse, I’d be all over that. Just tell me where to sign.


But he’s not going to prison unless he loses the protection of the Vatican first. No way INTERPOL is going to storm St. Peter’s Basilica to get that guy.


Jesus said, “Render unto God what is God’s, and render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.”

The priests who have violated the law should be required to answer to it.

Apologies if I mangled the Scripture, it’s been a long time since Catholic school. I don’t think I’ve read a Bible since then (except the LOLcat bible from the other thread. :grinning:)


Fucking finally.



A dude with guns went to a pizza parlor because alex jones said the democratic party rapes kids.

Why aren’t there like, a million guys with guns storming the vatican because of things that they’ve actually done?


But condoms and consenting adults are the real affront.



I do wonder about the sudden departure of Pope Benedict. The media today are saying he is a friend of Pell.