Crowdfunding to send Australian sex-abuse survivors to Rome for testimony of notorious cardinal


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Mountain, meet Muhammad.


Some military superpower ought to raid the vatican and force it to correct its wrongdoing.

We do it all the time in Yemen and Pakistan.


This is one case where, when in Rome, DO NOT do as the Romans do.


Loved this. Just saw Spotlight. Great movie but no hum-able songs.


Bernie “The Shuffler” Law and Pell must have a lot to chat about. What a pair of scumbag poltroons.


Pell is absolute scum. You’ve got no idea how relieved Melbourne was when he got promoted over to being Archbishop of Sydney, and again when he fucked off to the Vatican.


Only a week late to the story … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But a worthy cause and a surprisingly catchy tune.

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