Clever bird adapts to pecking order


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Clever tit!


Chickadees are such amazing birds, out and about in the coldest winters, bold and quick and inquisitive, and very vocal. Because they’re bold enough to live near humans (and even feed from human hands), we’re lucky to be able to study them closely:


When I’m by myself at the cottage, and can’t embarrass myself in front of other people, I’ll call “chickadee-dee-dee” to the flock of chickadees that ranges around the cottage, they are invariably intrigued, and will flit closer and take a good look at this deep voiced large flightless “bird”


Isn’t this how one feels in many human checkout lines?


A republican senator?


Two of my favorite birds! Perhaps the only two I call ‘favorites’ - they always stood out to me, growing up


Ugh, blue jays are the worst! They’re such bullies to our cardinals, titmice, and chickadees! I’m pretty much only ever happy to see one if it’s lucky enough to drive off the dang squirrels!


At least, it looks like a lady bluejay to me. If it’s not, I’ll just tuck my tail between my legs and go home.


Its a tufted titmouse.


It’s a Titmouse I believe.


For what it’s worth, I also believe that the only thing blue jays are good at is being pretty. They’re not good neighbors


Yeah, I blame the lack of coffee. I should’ve also known by the relative sizes, the blue jay would’ve been much bigger.


The tit feels like Don Johnson in this scene from Cold In July:


awww, chickie, I bet you apologize when people run into you you sweet thing.


So, they were worth four in the bush?


probably a Canadian bird, down for the winter…:grin:


Hey, they’re the state bird of Maine, so you know there’s some cross-border action happening…




That’s exactly what I say whenever someone near Philly tells me they’ve seen robins on their lawn in February.