Climate Physicist "Resigns" Over Speak Cancellation

In a statement on Twitter, the physicist, David Romps, said Monday that he is stepping down as director of the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center, or BASC, “at the end of this calendar year or when a replacement is ready, whichever is sooner.” Romps will remain a professor in the school’s department of earth and planetary sciences, a university spokesperson said.

So, “stepping down” but retaining his $176,000/year tenured job. Not really resigning. Seriously, if you’re truly outraged, make an actual statement by actually resigning.


Basically, he’s theatrically flouncing… :roll_eyes:

At some point we need to decide that racism is a poison in our society and show people who think it’s just two sides of the same coin as anti-racism the door. It’s well past time to do that.


Hey now! Have some sympathy. In spring 2022 Professor Romps looks to be scheduled to teach two independent studies classes, with a capacity of 5 students in each class. Quelle horreur!


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Reverse discrimination is TRUE!!! /s

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