Climb a tree like a bear with these ninja hand claws


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Up next. Xray vision glasses


Mmm - if you plan to do a lot of climbing, get these lineman boot spikes. Since your legs are overall much stronger than your arms, you won’t wear yourself out so fast.


Of course, you first need to be in shape.

Round is a shape.


So is “lumpy”.


ninja hand claws

aka “multiple ring avulsion playset”


Yes: A bear will definitely climb a tree to eat you like the tasty, tasty human-snack that you are. No: These claws won’t help you much.


I do a lot of climbing of trees when bowhunting and the AeroHunter by Tribe is my preferred method. Combine this with a used pair of Klein tree-spurs and you’ve got yourself a winning combination that’s both safe, flexible, and won’t do undue harm to the tree.


Speaking of bears and trees, there are a couple good videos of bears climbing up to say hi to hunters. This one has him actually climbing a tree, while the other one starts to climb a stand.


Our whippets have asked for these for Xmas. Because…you know…squirrels.


This opening (with ninja claws) surfaces from my unconsciousness periodically:

It’s stuck there pretty good.


I was just thinking about gaffs, but of course real ninjas wouldn’t wear something you can get at the Loews. They have to be made high in the mountains by the very last craftsman.


Those are black bears. They’re pretty timid and just want an easy snack. Like in the second video, if you just talk or yell or throw something they’ll get scared and run away.


looking at these things makes me think, “who needs brass knuckles, truncheons, or a sap?”. F*ckin’ deadly.


Wow, that first video!

I knew bears could climb trees, but that thing just ran up the trunk in like two seconds.

My pants would definitely never be the same.


My dad showed a slide show of his time in Alaska working for the Fish and Game dept. He saw two cubs and a mama grizzly on the river he was fishing in. The last slide of that series was blurry because he lost track of the mom, but it came into view and did a little charge. But yes, the black ones aren’t nearly as dangerous. They can still kill you if they wanted.


Well, you can make something like this in your garage too. Make culture, DIY, you know…


They can also cross five times that distance on the ground in a little less that time. Bears are quick hunters, despite their size.


Ok, admission time…

As a ninja obsessed little half Japanese kid, I actually somehow convinced my usually quite wary parents to get me some of these out of some craptastic “martial arts” catalog some time back in the 80’s…

And yeah, you can really climb trees with these. Two bits of advice: 1) Put dry sponges or some other kind of padding on the back of these things (on the part that goes across the back of your hand) because metal/skin contact is not fun when it’s supporting your weight. Also 2) it’s a lot easier to go up than down with these things. Learned that at camp from a pretty tall redwood tree…