DIY pole-climbing shoes work like magic


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Using Crocs instead of safety boots? Actually, yea, it’s stupid.


Field expedient design. This does not appear to be a place where the appropriate equipment was readily available.


Yup. Those are a thing, also shoes with climbing spikes.


Pretty sure there is some welding involved too. But these are indeed brilliant!


I want to see him come back down the pole with those things on his feet.


Sure looks to me like the rebar has to be welded to the specific size of the pole. Practical? Meh…




But is it stupid if it works?



I’m not climbing a pole right now.


Pfft. My cousin climbs poles without any shoes at all. She can even do spins and flips.


So does my cousin! But, she works at a “Gentlemen’s Club”.

oops…strike that. Took me a minute.


But magic doesn’t actually work. You know that, right?


This is good, but I have questions / am suspicious. If the pole in the video is round or square, and the shoes are as pictured, then the hooks would “trip over each other” rather than sliding past each other smoothly (that wouldn’t preclude using them, just make them a bit more cumbersome than shown). He also seems to have his feet side by side, which suggests the pole is twice as deep as it is wide, which does not apply to most poles I’ve seen.


These look awesome. I am going to make a pair just in case I need some quick way to scale some poles of various billboards in need of editing. I’ve got some rebar I have been messing around with, reconfiguring hoops and such; they can withstand bending and rebending way more than I thought. You could readjust the tips of these pole-climbing slip-ons to meet various size poles. These look as fun, simple and quiet as climbing coconut trees with a rope hoop-harness. Urban adventuring away!


Might be a standard-diameter pole?


That’s why.


Roger that.


Without shoes? Pole-dancing without 5" stiletto slingbacks? Your cousin evidently isn’t wearing the correct safety equipment.