Clinically pleasant Invisalign ad dubbed with Bill Burr's ambivalent remarks about having to wear one

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This is how all medical and pharmaceutical ads should be done.

Excellent article too.


I’m doing Invisalign right now at almost 50, too. Awesome.


Good summary in that article, nice coining of a phrase too:

Free Speech Grifters are not actually interested in the free exchange of ideas, per se; they are interested in liberal caricature for clicks, social-media followings, and monetization.


More spot-on phrasing! (For a smug popinjay who always makes my flesh crawl.)


Don’t they say people who swear are perceived as being more honest? Here comes a new trend in goddam advertising!

They really are an excellent product. Reckon they’ll be pretty cheap once the patents expire (or are otherwise circumvented).

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Woke up and read/watched this while still in bed and grinding my Invisalign retainer. Parents, do your kids a favour and see an orthodontist when those teeth are coming in.

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Sounds like the Winnebago man: “I don’t want any more bullshit anytime during the day, from anyone. That includes me!”

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