Every coronavirus-era commercial is the same

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Except for Old Spice. They’re still shouting at us.


Terry likes social distancing!

Re. original video - which is fantastic, thanks @beschizza - ugh.
“Family” “Together” “More than ever”. Just threw up in my mouth a little. Here for us? Are they hell.

(Sidenote: I often wonder how voice-over artists feel about the stuff they say, I’m sure it’s a tough living but still…)

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Déjà vu:


Do you trust @beschizza not to have done it on purpose?

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I hate ads and always have, but I think it’s because they’re constantly trying to get too familiar. Assuming things about us, trying to portray themselves as caring about anything other than selling a product, trying to make us laugh or to be clever, or acting like they have permission to be super informal with us as though they were a best friend we’ve known for years and not a complete stranger who isn’t even a person. If they would just say “this is what our product does and here are some reasons you should buy it”, I’d not only be less annoyed, but potentially more likely to consider buying the product (assuming their claims are actually true, but that’s a whole other problem).

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I like ads because they make so much of the Internet free. (Which is also a reason to hate them.)

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Every BB article is exactly the same.

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Look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. I’m on a horse, BUT WAY OVER HERE!

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Ads I can cope with, it’s the desperately earnest emails from the CEO of every company I’ve had even the most casual dealings with. I think I got one from the CEO of Sainsbury’s every day for a week.

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God, doesn’t the melancholy piano music get everyone down.

I’m kinda sad now.

Same here. As a kid, i was completely addicted to TV so badly that I could easily tell what was on on any given station (except PBS) on any given day and at any given prime time (and more). Still ads so infuriated me that I eventually went cold turkey and quit watching.

Corporations are people in the USA.

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