Close-up video of sweat drops emerging from fingertip

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This is a little bit gross but completely fascinating.

And that channel has some pretty awesome stuff, but some of the linked videos (not from the same channel) cross my overly-icky threshold :anguished:


It makes me itch to watch this.

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I somehow managed to not not know until now that there were sweat glands on my fingertips. I guess they seemed like the dry spot relative to other more productive areas. And now somehow I’m too aware of this new fact and am worrying about fingertip sweat on everything.


Chimpanzees also have fingerprints, and they also prune up if they’re wet for a while, like human fingerprints do. It’s apparently helpful for hanging onto wet tree branches. Think of it as the leftovers of Evolution In Action.

Sweaty hands you say?


We animals are amazing and beautiful and disgusting and I hate us.


You’re one of those poor souls with the made up affliction?

Whoa! Learn something new every day.

We excrete.

How can it be wrong where we do it?

It isn’t.

Crime is crime.

Excretion is excretion.

That is all.

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