CNN's Don Lemon says women in their 50s are past their prime

I’m just looking to make it to 80. I’m already past 40 so physically I’m trying to do better, but I know I’ll never be 25 again. Mentally I’m doing good. The only real trait that goes up every year is my orneriness…

Personally I do believe the position of president should have an upper age cap. Partially due to the potential of mental issues setting in and partially because the world is moving too fast. My father is 79 and grew up with out a TV until he was in his teens. He has seen the rise of all modern electronics and embraced very little of it. That’s not to say all old people are Luddites or the “get off my lawn” types, but there is a large experience gap between a lot of the +65 crowd and college crowd. If in the mid 90’s you had told me teens in the early 2020’s would be using their phones to record videos of themselves and share them online just to get views - and “influencer” was a “job”…yeah I’m living in that world and I still can’t wrap my head around it.


Wasn’t he just trying to push the shade back on the person who was pushing the ageist shade on Biden or anyone over 75 yrs? He wasn’t saying anyone or any women 50+ is finished, kaput he was trying to follow the Prime logic to the letter.


Humour me,give the clip another go with what I said in mind.

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I mean, we know what he meant. It’s not rocket surgery.


…If it were about the criticism of Biden, why would he have dropped the age at which she was in her prime to 20s, 30s, and 40s – just reaching the very youngest presidents – and said not people but specifically women? Just to make it sound exactly like a common misogynist trope instead?

Sorry your hero is an ass, but the story does not check out at all. Keep trying, or you know, face the obvious instead.


Why would he specify “women” at all if he wasn’t making some kind of sexist point? I’m no fan of Nikki Haley but she wasn’t explicitly calling out men with her ageist comments.


Reading the headline I thought “well yeah, no one is” but hot damn that was a lot worse than I assumed.


Biden is a woman?


I’d never heard of Don Lemon before today.

Mind you, I’d never heard of the Citrus Mafia either.


Same as Tucker Carslon at Fox: If this did become a court case the CNN lawyers would argue he was just stating an opinion and no right thinking viewer should take him seriously. They’d win the case and he’d keep his job.

Of course he has damaged his reputation as a serious reporter but CNN would not fire him.

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Depends on the employment contract.

Does his contract have a “morality clause?” Essentially, a clause that says if you do something to tarnish our reputation we can fire you? I’m sure they do; CNN would be insane not to.

Most employment contracts I’ve ever seen state that the employee must follow personnel policies and a code of conduct, while those documents outline such things as prohibitions on discrimination, harassment, etc., whether staff, clients, interview subjects, or even audience.

My guess is that as long as he brings in the viewers and ad revenue, Mr. Lemon will get a stern talking to and a warning to not do it again. But I’m positive that CNN’s contract would allow them to terminate him on the spot for expressing this “opinion” if they wanted to.


Seriously - DLs comment says more about his social circle than anything. And it may have just gotten smaller.

(I mean, he couldn’t possibly just be a chauvinist.) /s

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I completely agree and the same reasons apply to why there should be a lower age limit too (which there is in the USA, I believe)

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I’ll offer this service for free right now. If you ever find yourself asking yourself “should I say this?” the answer is almost always no. In fact, it’s so often “no” that you should just not say it, even it actually might have been ok. If I would always follow this advice myself (I try to, but I’m not perfect) I would be better off.


I thought at first maybe he was trying to say to Haley, “Be careful because a lot of people out there think women in their 50s are past their prime, especially people on your side of the aisle,” except that he very clearly did NOT say that, nor did he invoke that as an explanation in his “apology”. So I can only conclude that he meant exactly what he said. The man has been in the business of communication for ~30 years. He has no excuse for what he said. It was wrong and stupid and he should have known the second it came out of his mouth that it was going to blow up in his face.


Could he not have disagreed with her ageism without promoting a misogynistic and hurtful view of all women?

I followed his logic and yours too. That logic sucks. It’s shitty logic.


well how else will wimmins know their place! /s