Cockney Trump: Disarm Hillary's Bodyguards, See What Happens


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This is what that blowhard wishes he sounded like: a tough guy, a brawler. Trump is a glass-jawed pussy.



I fink 'e sarnds a bit lark this 'ere bloke:

Right? Right.


You do realize that’s an insult to pussy, right?


Disarm his guards. Or, better, remind his Secret Service detail that Trump has been systematically putting their friends’ lives at risk.


If we ignore the fact that tRump is outright lying in representing Hillary’s position, and apply his logic to himself, then surely tRump, as the pro-gun guy, should allow everyone to have guns at his rallies? See what happens to him.

Really - if we’re talking about something weak and brought down with minimal force, testicle would be far more appropriate.



Which is also why I prefer the expression “brass ovaries.”



@robulus, did you see this film?

I’m hearing Ray Winstone, though.


Trump has been called a bawbag in Scotland. Lets use that instead.


More of a vibe thing!!!


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