Cocktails & Dreams -- nightmare version of 80s Tom Cruise movie




I’m glad The Professor and Mary Ann got full credits instead of just being lumped under, “and the rest.”


That was just brilliant! I caught a few of the freeze-frame jokes, but I have a feeling I missed 90%.


In one of his books (Distrust that Particular Flavor), William Gibson talks about how in the future we will be able to edit movies like this! It’s already happening.


Now I have to figure out how to work “That sounded British” into casual conversation.

Video of sultry, jazzy cover of Radiohead's "Creep"

Fantastic! I really hope they do more of these, perhaps feature-length?


Forrest Gump is not in the future. It’s in the past.


Make sure you freeze frame scroll the credits, at least. I laughed for a good five minutes, especially at the list of animators. Plus, bonus points for the Erowid pointer!


Another brilliant and hilarious comedy short from Mike Upchurch, Tj Amick and Chris Fairbanks. Kudos once again!






This was really fast paced, and I found myself rooting for the Tom Cruise stalker. But it doesnt contain the line “This is how much money means to me” followed by Tom throwing money down and walking away, which is a prerequisite for every early Tom Cruise movie. Nice to know he is an overlord VII or whatever that was. A light hearted romp.




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