Colbert imagines 'The Real House Members of Capitol Hill'

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I said it before the 2016 election about Trump and I’ll say it again about these bozos. We should use tax funds to pay for a reality show on an island somewhere where Trump and the Republican grandstanders can pretend to be elected officials for the entertainment of people who like to watch train wrecks like Keeping up the the Cardassians and the rest of us can be bereft of their antics while actual adults run our government.


That gives me the shivers.

Wait until you see the season finale when they all sleep together inside a trash dumpster.


With peanut butter…


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Watching Boebert’s performance at her fundraisers:
It’s bad when a comedian laughs at their own jokes.
It’s even worse when a adolescent, racist Congresswoman laughs at her own adolescent, racist jokes.

Next season, heads turn in the GOP as Dr Oz joins Congress:

Can we make it the Battle Royale island though? Or even better, just stick ‘en in the Cube?

s/ obvs

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