Collect them all: Venture capitalist trading cards


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And, if your favorite investor, or founder, isn’t yet on a card, you can ask the company to print them on a future one.

I’ll get right on that…


Do they come without any scruples or moral centre, just like the originals?


Are they chemically treated like that magic shop flash paper?


Do the stats indicate how many times they’ve been accused of committing sexual harassment?


I don’t think I’ll be able to get them to put “Flaming dumpster filled with cash” on a card…


Ooh, ooh, I want the Peter Thiel card. No, scratch that, I need the “Generic VC” card, which is definitely not Peter Thiel, that has found the fountain of youth in the blood of the young and will sue anyone who claims it’s a Peter Thiel Card.


If I catch 'em all, can I make them fight?


Wake me up when it’s a TCG :smirk:


I’m not much of a card collector, but I could get behind some voodoo dolls. Or shrunken heads.


I’ll wait until they bring out the toilet paper version.


I know it’s satire, kind of, but this is a little offensive.


I really can’t tell if this is a joke.

People can actually pay $60 for this bullshit?

I think you need to be a real Martin Shkreli-type to want these.

People who worship venture capitalists are disgusting. There, I said it.


That’s probably the point.


But now I’m triggered!


Oh, the price isn’t the worst part, it’s the lifetime NDA :smiley:


Obviously yes. People CAN actually pay $60 for all sorts of bullshit, and often do, as the health woo and “collectible” industries show. The price on this one indicates to me that maybe they don’t intended to rip off anybody fact who can’t afford to wipe their ass with singles full time.


Well, that didn’t take long… :-/

KInd of shows you the worth of a “Featured In!” brag. Imagine how big Martin Shkreli’s “featured in” list is…


The problem with venture capitalism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s capital.


The torches and pitchforks are part of the adventure! :grinning: