Collection of colorful crafted ceilings


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I wanna know how they clean some of those.


I find myself wondering about the acoustics…


I was thinking the same thing. I think they don’t.

Also - check out the Bellagio ceiling with Chihuly glass artwork.


Best ceiling I’ve ever seen in real life was in the Alhambra:

(probably not for the trypophobic).


Canister vacuum over shoulder, hose, puppeteer brush, seasonally.


I love the ceilings of deus ex: human revolution -


Yeah, thanks for that.

I’m never building the Alhambra in Civ again.


The best way is with an air compressor.
It seems like most places with shit like that forget to clean it on the reg and it turns into a giant dusty mess.


Saw that one myself, it’s pretty fancy. The most impressive ceiling I’ve seen is also in Spain - the Sagrada Familia.

(click on the viewpoint inside the church after you start the flash thingy)


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