Crane converted into a hotel room


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The dual tubs is a nice touch.


I’m thinking Copenhagen must have unusually lax zoning regulations, or we would otherwise be seeing a lot more of these all over the world.




Again, I’m chiming in with the same thing I say with every post about “exotic stays”. CURTAINS.


If someone’s got absurd amounts of cash to rent these exotic locations they probably don’t give a damn what the peasants outside think.

#7 So this is a thing now?


Not everywhere. The cranes in Spain stay mainly on the plain.


Per that site


And i’m low key triggered because it’s not a tree. It’s a damn crane.


Nothing says “Honeymoon” like the down on the docks does.



Sez raines.


Can you swing it around and smash things?


“If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”


re-enact Cialis commercials.


The place looks like it only needs a hosing after the guest leaves to clean it up…

Yeah, that’s totally a BDSM themed room.


I’m pretty sure that you can swing around, and maybe smash things if you’re so inclined.
Not sure about the crane, though.


You can do the same here, in Harlingen. And for only €319.


From personal experience I know that Scandinavians rarely use or even have curtains. I was going to tell you so, but first I did a GIS for “Scandinavia curtains” and found pages over pages of Scandinavian curtains offered for purchase.
That puzzled me slightly.
My next GIS was “Scandinavia windows”, which resulted in shittons of pictures of nekkid windows without coverings.

  • There appears to be a surplus of better than average looking Scandinavian window-treatments.

  • Scandinavians rarely have curtains on their windows. Those that do seldomly use them. (Same as the northern Dutch and very northern Germans.)

Within its limitation my research would lead to the obvious preliminary conclusion:

Scandinavians have good taste in window coverings, but feel no need for them.
Scandinavians sell all their curtains instead of using them to shut themselves off from the world.



Same in the Netherlands.
Once upon a time (couple of centuries ago IIRC) you had to pay an extra tax if you had curtains.