Hotel room in a helicopter


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Needs shag pile carpet for the full Roger Moore effect.


200 a night and no curtains?






wondering how much a decommissioined CIA black helicopter costs. I’d love to re-fit one for a backyard playroom or dining/drinking spot.


I was thinking this exact same thing, getting to tell your Lyft driver: “Get me to the choppa!”


Nah. Parachute me in, and you’ve got a deal.


$20m new, so maybe only 200k if it really had nothing worth salvaging left on it? (wild guess)
You don’t usually take worn parts off one helicopter to put on a new helicopter, so I bet it would be pretty complete except the flight computer. The engine is worth money, so if it didn’t have that it might drive the price down further and be a handy place to stack some spare patio chairs.


Pretty sure I’ve seen this on TV. Amazing Spaces perhaps?


It looks like Droopy.



A paintball business near me used to offer assorted movie-themed packages.

The Predator pack got you a pump-action gun and limited ammo. The Terminator pack upgraded the gun to semi-auto; the Rambo pack quadrupled the ammo supply.

For the Apocalypse Now package, you got the Rambo pack for four people, plus you all got helidropped into the middle of battle with Ride of the Valkyries playing. :slight_smile:


Make one that flies, please.


Hotel room in a helicopter

Livin’ it up while we’re out of town


Blackberrywood camping and accommodation near Lewes UK


Just what a helicopter mom needs.


I believe that – in general – Champagne and helicopters really don’t mix well, but I’ll make an exception in this case.


Considering the service history of SeaKing’s, it is appropriately now a designated place to crash…

Thank you, I’ll get my hat and show myself out…