Collection of people who think snow is fake

You animal.

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Well, it wouldn’t be polite as an native of the British Isles to be seen to cast aspersions on your country and its inhabitants, we certainly have our fair share here; however, the US does seem to have a peculiarly inventive strain within its borders - maybe it’s something to do with the particular gene-pool who left these shores to set up across the pond.
Dunno, maybe it’s just something in the water… :wink:


Yeah, having small children point at them in the street and laugh can have a real demoralising effect!

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I appreciate the scientific curiosity, but I wonder how they don’t forget to breathe


Fascinating. I did not know about this.

Lately, I have been indulging in videos about mudfloods, Tartaria, history resets, fossilized Titans, fake World Fairs, star forts, free energy, etc. I don’t know if these all fall under another umbrella conspiracy, but they are often topics in the same discussions and even aspects of Q sometimes pop up, like the pedophile elite.

As a geologist, I am particularly entertained by reinterpretations of geomorphic features as parts of partially melted or buried ancient giant buildings, cross-bedding as fossilized muscle tissue, depositional landforms as evidence of a worldwide mudflood, etc. So nutty. It’s my rabbit hole these days.

There is always this idea of self-education and a lot of talk of “research”. If something doesn’t seem right or immediately comprehendible, then go investigate for yourself. Which usually means looking for patterns in images found online. But that’s as far as the scientific methods gets.

Not really sure what to do about this problem, but in the meantime I’ll be making up the popcorn.


FYI, I think you might really enjoy Jacques Vallée’s Passport to Magonia. Take a peek if you get the chance:

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Well, the internet is the open form of the closed ward.

Remember this fine specimen?

Is pride the main cause here? Pure hubris? Most people when they see something they can’t explain or don’t understand they might try to find more about it but more important they see that it is their understanding that is lacking.

Only if you think you know everything every unexplained thing must be caused by an unknown agent, what some philosophers call hyperactive agency detection. And only a person with a prosecution complex will conclude that agency is targeting them with malice.

Therefor: Ghosts, UFOs, government snow, COVID bollocks, etc.

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