Conspiracy theory offers great opportunity to learn about science!


Reverse rainbows!
Other phenomena I’ve never seen before and am not familiar with!


As a kid I never thought to put a lighter up to a snowball to try and melt it. That now seems like a wasted opportunity, because I would have enjoyed freaking out my friends by trying to convince them the snow wasn’t really snow.

Of course this would just be a ruse to get them close enough for me to put the “charred” snowball down their shirt.


Also: When I type “CHEMTRAILS” into my phone, it’s automatically replaced with “CENTRALIA.” Still more proof of a massive conspiracy.


You’ve never seen contrails froms commercial jetliners? Do you live somewhere way out of the way of ordinary air travel paths? :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I’ve never heard of “reverse” rainbows. Is it that they’re supposed to be in the wrong part of the sky, or that their colors are supposed to be backwards in order and direction? Because neither is physically possible (unless we count sundogs as well as antisuns.)

Reverse Rainbows sound an awful lot like double rainbows. In that case, the second rainbow is above the first and has the colors reversed. Double Rainbows are well documented, there’s even an old meme video about them.

Lots of ordinary stuff sounds supernatural when you have a crazy guy explaining it.


Since they don’t teach science in the South anymore I suppose this kind of ignorance should be expected. But someone should at least be old enough to remember that the chaos Atlanta just experienced happens every time they get more than an inch of snow. I remember having the exact same conversation about Atlanta having no snowplows, etc. over twenty years ago.


I’m just trying to figure out how this conspiracy theory works. Somehow the US government created a cold, white, snow like substance and dumped it on the entire Atlanta metro area, over some period of time, in a snowfall like fashion? The amount of manpower, money and machinery would be astronomical.


Here’s a test: Take a big scoop of snow in a cup. Bring it into a heated indoor space. Wait. Does it melt?


If it were easy they wouldn’t need a vast conspiracy to pull it off. Now you just have to figure out why someone would go to that amount of effort. Did the mayor snub Chris Christie recently?

Applying scientific reasoning to conspiracy theories is not how you perpetuate one of these theories.


The movie “Idiocracy” was too optimistic. Say hello to our next president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho!


No less than THEY used to FAKE the Moon Landing!!!

Mr. Plait is obviously part of the One World Government Illuminati Davos-Reptoid conspiracy.

All of the cigarette lighters in the country have had their fluid laced with black dye, so of course snow in other places turns black!

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[quote=“jandrese, post:7, topic:21655, full:true”]
Double Rainbows are well documented, there’s even an old meme video about them.[/quote]

I would just like to point out that “four years old” is the new internet definition of “old”, apparently.

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Positively ancient by meme standards.

Toss in triple and quadruple rainbows, which are much rarer but appear on the opposite side of the sky.

Was the new definition of old. Keep up.


It’s “the South” that they don’t teach science in? Huh. Last I checked, one of the most high-profile cases of ignorance of science took place in Kansas, which is definitely not “the South”.

Or has your region of the country chosen to be ignorant of geography, since apparently that’s how that works?

Touchy, much? Did I say that the South was the only place?

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You’ve never heard of the difference proposed between condensation trails and chemical trails? The former is a natural consequence of flying at high altitude at a high rate of speed. The latter is a natural consequence of listening to Alex Jones