Colorado court rules: Trump can't run in 2024 election

I hope you’re right in the immunity case, but keep in mind that the conservatives are as confident that Biden won’t abuse his power in another term as they are that TFG will abuse it, to the point where he’ll establish effective permanent rule (per the Project 2025 plan). After Dobbs I don’t have much hope that the conservative Justices (except Roberts) will do the right thing, even with what seems to be ironclad precedent from the Nixon era.

As for the eligibility case, of course the Republicans will weaponise it against Biden if the Justices rule against Biff. I’m about as worried about that as I am about water being wet. I do agree that if the conservatives feel there’s no choice but to rule against TFG they will make their opinion as broad as the Grand Canyon.

We are in new territory now, where the norms of precedent and narrow rulings and assumed good faith on the part of all the Justices are no longer sufficient grounds for hope.