Trump's civil immunity claim runs out of steam

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It seems like the Supreme Court should be reluctant to hear Trump’s case against the Colorado Supreme Court because this majority has been clear in their support of “states rights” for so long. Perhaps he’ll actually stand trial for his crimes soon.

I’d love to believe that but that’s assuming those judges actually have principles they believe in and don’t just say shit like “State’s Rights” when it’s convenient for them.


I’m not sure about the value of various states blocking candidates from being on their ballots. Yes, in this case it’s legitimate, but we know EXACTLY what will happen next.

I am however very sure that I want to see Trump stand criminal trial and receive a verdict asap. The rule of law depends on it.


Regardless, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.


/s still applies to this

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If this DC trial is still dragging on until after the election there will be only one person to blame - Merrick Garland. He dithered unforgivably for a year before handing it off to Smith.

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Tromp’s moral, criminal and actual stench is getting more and more undeniable.

Oo oo, that smell! Can’t you smell that smell!


Trump’s civil immunity claim runs out of steam

That’s not steam. Trump is powered poomatically.


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