Colorado woman puts injured bobcat in car next to her son, 3 years old

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The mortally injured cat was later euthanized.

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So is giving injured bobcats an opportunity for predation a risk for them; like with the chemicals that specifically tell you not to induce vomiting? I’m confused.


Who doesn’t love children and wild animals in cars?



Agency officials told her to get her boy and herself out of the vehicle when she called to ask what to do.

I thought there would be more about another agency being called…did they let this woman just drive off after something like this?


Sometimes the opposite of ‘well done’ is ‘well-meant’


that was kind of her, trying to nurse it back to health by offering her baby as food.


I remember the couple who decided to take a nature photo with their kid - by placing their small child on the back of a wild bear. It went about as well as you might expect. Which is to say: in this case, it could have gone much, much worse. People don’t seem to realize animals - especially wild animals - aren’t cuddly toys. I blame Disney.


Okay, maybe not a bright thing to do, but I think we’re missing the main point that this lady is one hell of a cat whisperer if she was able wrap this guy up in a blanket and put it in the back seat of her car all without getting bitten or mauled! I thought I was good when I can pick up my Squeaky when she’s tripping balls on catnip without getting scratched, but this lady is on a whole different level!


Robbed of a last meal.

Agency officials told her to get her boy and herself out of the vehicle when she called to ask what to do.

If only the bobcat hadn’t been partially paralyzed…



Can you get a Darwin Award if your abject stupidity gets all of your offspring killed?


People People! You are missing the main point here. The baby was in a “Safety Seat” . Jeepers.


Agency officials told her to get her boy and herself out of the vehicle when she called to ask what to do.

A dry sentence that hides a lot of the expletives and yelling and name-calling involved in the exchange.


It also leaves out that peculiar vocal quality people have when they wish to leap through the phone at the person to whom they are speaking.


I think maybe city people get strange ideas when a normally dangerous, aggresive animal is instead calm and docile. We suddenly think we must be Snow White, able to charm these wild animals by shear force of our goodwill… when the bitter truth is these poor critters are too compromised to do what healthy ones would do: claw our eyes out and run the hell away.

Its why I usually cringe a bit when I see an otherwise adorable video clip here on BB, showing a normally dangerous or endangered animal in close contact with a human.

Go ahead and blame Disney, but Youtube is continuing this tradition.


I live in Colorado, and there are definitely people who seem to believe that wild animals are just misunderstood and are secretly super-cuddly. My neighbor has suggested several times that local restaurants donate uneaten food to supply bear-feeding stations in the foothills. “I can see no downside,” she says. Sigh. Oddly enough, the city government is unwilling to set up said bear-feeding stations - can’t imagine why. :roll_eyes:


so how did she get the cat into the car? seems like the cop may have overreacted.

Shock and adrenaline can cause massive shifts in both mental state and physical ability.

As a veterinarian who has treated a lot of wildlife, I can say that I’ve seen “paralyzed” hit by car wildlife that seemed severely obtunded/comatose all of a sudden gain near full awareness and try to jump off of an examination table. Of course it goes the other way too.

I’m guessing she encountered the bobcat shortly after it was hit when it was still pretty shocky, enabling her to gather it up, t. Then the adrenaline surge took effect a bit before animal control tried to get it out with a rabies pole.


All’s well that ends well.

Except for the bobcat.