Watch: man rescues wife from bobcat attack

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You neglected to mention the part about the animal carrier the woman had in her hand, which probably attracted the bob cat.

Exactly! Why does nobody ever tell the bobcat’s side of the story in these reports? /s


What does that have to do with the price of bananas?

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Holy shit, I’ve had to spontaneously get in the middle of a dog fight to protect my lab from serious injury, but a rabid animal. That’s a whole nutter butter level.

You really don’t know how you’ll react to these kinds of situations until you face them. I think the guy did pretty well considering.

I have a normal, non-bob cat and this is pretty much how I start every morning.
On an unrelated note, if anyone is looking to adopt a terrible cat please let me know.

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Apparently bobcats do not naturally land on their feet (at least when yeeted across the front lawn).

It would have been scarier if it was bobcat goldthwait

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