Coloring book features Hitler


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India really doesn’t have the same feelings about Hitler that the west does. I once worked for an insurance company who had an IT call centre in India and rather than “Hotel”, without fail, they’d use “Hitler”.



Mommy’s little Stormtrooper did a great job colouring inside the lines, but his little hands neglected to fill in the swastika on the armband. That means a time-out in the KZ.


Well it’s pretty clear that mommy carefully filled in all the little bubbles in her outrage. I mean, outrage is so much more powerful with a good illustration, so I better color and color so people will be impressed with my outrage. Are we sure she’s Dutch? Sounds like an American accent to me.


Mommy’s not a racist, she’s just outraged that the local flag factory was shut down and moved to China. When will the librul elites understand this?



I’m absolutely baffled by the quantity of crappy colouring books in supermarkets (in France and Germany at last), it was only a matter of time before it explode to the face of those lousy publishers.


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