Comcast, its just no good between us... It's over

We got a land line when we moved to WA. For 4 years we never plugged a phone into it. Every month I’d go “oh I should take that off” and then promptly forget.


They bought out all of the local providers so they have the infrastructure advantage. Laying down new fiber and copper is extremely expensive. In addition Comcast is notorious for getting municipal internet access shut down.

I’m in the Seattle area too and I have FiOS. It’s pretty good but it’s a different kind of shitty. It got much, much shittier when Frontier took over. You know it’s bad when you actually miss Verizon.


They’re about to be notorious for getting me involved in this issue at the local, state, and federal level.

IRL I am just as clever, but much much more composed than (i’ve been told) I seem here. :slight_smile:


I dumped Comcast when they got my bill wrong for 10 months in a row and it was over an hour to fix each time.


The way they do it here is, if you have the bundle, they’ll jack the price way up after a year or two and then when you complain they’ll offer to switch you to internet-only for about the price you were paying. Then in a year or two they’ll jack that way up and offer to switch you to the bundle for about the price that you were paying.

That way they get a couple of months of jacked-up pricing every year or two and they get to claim that they’re still getting new cable subscribers every year.


Yeah, I was on the phone with them an hour this morning, just to schedule a tech visit.

He/She doesn’t know it yet, but they are coming to pick up my equipment and remove their drop from the side of my house.

I do plan to ask the tech if my change of plan is going to cost them money out of pocket, because they’re all “Independent Contractors” who do that work. That’s abominable enough. So if I am cheating someone from their billable hours with my trickery, I have a a few $20s and a good cup of coffee to make that less obnoxious if needed.

But really, DONE COMCAST. They will not get another dime out of me.

They can literally sue me.

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My housemate had a laryngectomy, so obviously couldn’t speak on the phone, or in person if he could stand for more than a few minutes. Tivo with a ‘cable card’. Imagine me doing the back and forth, him using hand signals.



Christ on a cracker. You’d think after all these years cable techs wouldn’t glaze over the minute you say the words CableCARD.


You say “Cable Card”, Comcast hears “No Rental Fee”, cable TV companies hear “OMGWTFBBQ Pirated TV shows”

And that installer hears, “I ain’t paid for this shit”

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