Comcast retention rep's network boasts expose company to liability


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Well “fastest” is a metaphor, which could simply mean “fast enough.”

Comcast is certainly the fastest available to me. Sure there’s other spots somewhere else in the country that see higher transfer rates, but that might as well be a mythological beast for all the chance I have of seeing it.

Not that I’m happy with this state of affairs, an effective list of options would make me a whole lot happier, but no one asked my opinion. The monopoly is here and it’s not going to leave, making Comcast the “fastest.”


Well sure - Comcast is the fastest network in the USA*

*: In those parts of the USA where Comcast is the only carrier available.


“Fastest network in the USA…”

“…that you can access”


They are technically the fastest where I’m at (the other choice is low-grade POTS DSL) even considering they are dropping ~20% of my packets on a good day…

That competition that the FCC keeps insisting exists in the US broadband market is really working out well for me.

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My household has recently had both Verizon FiOs and Comcast. In my experience, FiOs did provide faster speed - for the first few weeks. Afterwards, they either throttled the heck out of our connection or managed to sign up more people in the neighborhood, or something, but we never got the same speed again.

My advice: If no one else in your neighborhood uses FiOs: choose FiOs.

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Since the country has remained blind to gerry mandering, I’m sure this kind of districting of competition doesn’t bother anyone in government.

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That’s what I was thinking – obviously when spoken the asterisk was silent.

Does “fastest” in this case mean measured fastest or claimed speed?

Because RCN sell me 50Mbps service (in NYC) but the fastest I have ever seen is 18. When they sold me 25Mbps, I saw 11Mbps, so it’s starting to be a case of diminishing returns.

I think the asterisk that should be applied to all these speed claims is “* Theoretical maximum possible speed if user is the only person on ISPs network at that particular moment and is simply copying standard packets from ISP’s own servers.”

Comcast is certainly the fastest available to me.

I love this. It’s like how hostage holders are the nicest people their captives interact with.

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Unless you watch Netflix, of course.

Just add a VPN client and you’ll be fine

Wait, are customer service reps not allowed to outright lie to you about your service? My phone/internet service reps have lied to me (from a script) on a number of occasions. As pissed as this made me, I thought this was considered a perfectly acceptable practice with no repercussions for the company. Or is it only a non-issue if I have no recording whereby I can prove they were lying to me?


Not to defend Comcast, but “Fastest” could be accurate in a qualified sense of the word. I’m new to broadband in the U.S., but the rep did say that the 105Mps is “guaranteed”. As unlikely as this is, if you take it on face value, then it could be considered a “faster” internet then another service which provides 110Mps in burst.

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